A simple idea turned into a global fashion brand when our founder, Troels Holch Povlsen, saw the name “VERO MODA” printed on a T-shirt, and decided that would be a good name for a women's brand. Pure and simple as that, VERO MODA saw the light of day.

As its very first label, VERO MODA laid the foundation for the BESTSELLER group and has since paved the way for Danish high street fashion. Since 1987, we have enabled women to be effortlessly dressed in style whatever the occasion. Our offering is - and always has been - truly fashionable, uncomplicated and full of spirited joy.


For more than 30 years, VERO MODA has been present in the mind of stylish young women looking for new trends, accessible styles and fashionable must-have items. Our trademark is a vibrant and accessible approach to fashion.

Fully aware of our responsibility, we constantly strive for increased sustainability. Our brand AWARE by VERO MODA consists of seasonal collections designed around gorgeous eco-friendly materials that reduce the amount of natural resources used during production.


Our style is feminine, effortless and joyful. We create refined, trend-conscious fashion made for women who want to express a unique femininity – a natural combination of sensuality and youthful freshness.

We always keep in step with fashion trends and deliver truly relevant fashion to real-life women. This season is no different. Explore our new arrivals and discover the latest online fashion trends.