Our North Star is our ultimate ambition and commits us to bring Fashion FWD until we are climate positive, fair for all and circular by design.

Our business will have a positive impact on our planet’s climate across our value chain by removing more greenhouse gases than we emit.

Everyone working in our value chain will be equally empowered by jobs that are safe, protective of human rights and fair in terms of incomes and opportunities for everyone to reach their full personal potential.

Our business model will be based on design principles that prioritize efficiency and the reuse of resources at every level, from fibres to water and chemicals to post-consumer, in order to minimize waste and keep resources in use.

Our strategy is based on becoming as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible, across five focus areas covering our value chain.

Our materials >

We will increase the use of more sustainable materials year after year until all our products are circular by design.

Business operations >

We will continuously improve the environmental footprint of our products, operations and supply chain until they are in line with our planet’s needs.  

Social responsibility >

We will promote dignity, equality and safe working conditions for all people across our value chain until fair incomes and respect for human rights are the norm. 


We will engage consumers and partners across the industry to develop solutions until circularity and transparency is a mindset and consumers are empowered to act sustainably. 

Innovation >

Invest FWD is our investment platform. It reflects our commitment to finding, funding and supporting innovative, disruptive, scalable and commercially viable solutions to help us push the sustainable fashion agenda forward.  

Sustainable Styles >

One of our goals is to use even more materials made with sustainable fibres, year after year, until all our products are circular by design. Our sustainable styles are here to help you make the best & greenest choices. 


We know there’s always more we can do – but we’ve already acted toward a more sustainable future. In 2020we managed to hit these targets.


We’re one of the first leading brands to have our styles EU Ecolabel certified.

90% Sustainable

In 2020, our AWARE by VERO MODA collection consisted of more than 90% sustainable materials.

Launch of Fashion FWD Lab

In 2020, we have launched our new experimental platform, which acts as a catalyst for collaboration with innovators and entrepreneurs to pilot and test new ideas and solutions.

Considerable Work & Economic Growth

As a member of ACT (action, collaboration and transformation agreement on living wages), we have actively participated in setting industrial structures and mechanisms for enhancing social dialogue and freedom of association in the global textile supply chain.

Circular Production 

VERO MODA became one of the first fashion brands to produce garments at market scale from Renewcell’s Circulose® fibres, which is made with discarded textiles, such as production waste and worn-out garments.

Partnerships towards achieving our goals

Accelerating a sustainable reality for the fashion industry requires a collective effort to make lasting changes. We are a member of various global organizations and industry associations to share knowledge, collaborate and implement solutions, including: Fashion For Good, G7 Fashion Pact, ACT, Global Fashion AgendaSustainable Apparel Coalition and Textile Exchange.


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