Invest FWD is our investment platform. It reflects our commitment to finding, funding and supporting innovative, disruptive, scalable and commercially viable solutions to help us push the sustainable fashion agenda forward.



Let’s work together to bring sustainable fashion FWD and reduce the fashion miles our products travel. Shop smarter. Return Less. Wear & Care More.

Several projects are already in place, such as partnerships with biotech companies like Pond (biobased resins), Beyond Leather (animal-free leather based on fruit waste) and Infinited Fiber (closed loop solution with new cotton-like fibres made from waste).

Furthermore, BESTSELLER has created a partnership originating from Fashion FWD Lab with the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA)which facilitates a direct-to-farm approach and transparency at farm-level. 

Our most recent collaboration is with the Finnish-based highly promising material innovator Spinnova (textile fibres produced from wood without any harmful chemicals).​ 


You want to join forces to help bring fashion FWD? We would love to chat with you about it.